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Bionic Buffalo Tech Note #23: The France IDL Compiler: C Language Mapping
 member of the interface's entry point vector leads to the above-described
 structure, and also to the list of call functions (
For detailed information on the servant data structure as implemented by the 
 compiler, please
refer to the 
 headers, and consider the generated code in the 
 library as examples.
Future Directions
The france IDL compiler generates definitions for insertion into the interface repositories supported by
some (but not all) Bionic Buffalo 
 implementations. For the other 
s, which do not support
dynamic interface repositories, the repository information is not accessible at run time. Bionic Buffalo
plans, in a future version of the compiler, to produce data structures in source code form, which will be
used to implement a lightweight, read-only interface repository. This lightweight repository will permit
applications using any of the 
s to interrogate, but not to modify, any definitions specified in IDL at
compile time. The lightweight repository will implement a subset of the same interfaces defined for the
full repository. 
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