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Tech Note #36: Introduction to the Alarm Clock Protocol (ACP)
1998 Bionic Buffalo Corporation; All Rights Reserved.
                  12 June 1998
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Quality-of-service negotiation. There is a need to provide a mechanism for QOS
negotiations between client and server.
Load management. There is no mechanism defined to balance, limit, or otherwise manage
the load on a server. The quality of service may vary with the load, and among servers due
to uneven loading.
Server synchronization. Although ad hoc mechanisms may be used to synchronize servers
with one another, a standardized procedure would reduce application complexity, make
behaviour more deterministic, and simplify management.
The current version of the protocol includes tagged fields for revision information. As much as
possible, future revisions will be made compatible with the current version. No special
compatibility, interoperability, or upgrade problems are anticipated.
For More Information
For more detailed information, the reader is referred to the Alarm Clock Protocol Reference
, by Bionic Buffalo Corporation. The reference guide includes detailed protocol
specifications, message formats, and a standard API for applications which use the protocol.
In addition, Bionic Buffalo licenses uncommented source code to implement the protocol on a
wide range of platforms. Executable code for specific environments is also available.