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Tech Note #37:  Introduction to the TOAD
1998 Bionic Buffalo Corporation; All Rights Reserved.
                  12 June 1998
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advertisements for
specific objects
unicast response from
node which requires the
advertised object
advertising- or
When a unicast request is received from some other node for objects contained by the
node, the containing node will respond to allow use of the objects. (Response is
contingent upon security and other constraints.)
The node does not advertise requirements for objects.
Mode 5: Slave Mode
In Slave Mode, the node subjugates itself to another node, the Master Node. The
Master Node handles the affairs of the Slave Node.
In Slave Mode, the node does not respond to incoming broadcast requests. It may
optionally notify its master of such requests. Incoming requests addressed specifically
to the Slave are, optionally, either ignored, passed to the Master, or honoured.