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Tech Note #81: Some Well-Known Ports
1998 Bionic Buffalo Corporation; All Rights Reserved.
       11 November 1998
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Bionic Buffalo Tech Note #81:
Some Well-Known Ports
last revised Wednesday 11 November 1998
©1998 Bionic Buffalo Corporation. All rights reserved.
Tatanka and TOAD are trademarks of Bionic Buffalo Corporation.
This Tech Note lists the most common well-known ports used by Bionic Buffalo software.
Well-known ports are assigned by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). A complete
and current list of such ports is available at their web site,
This document is meant to be a short, handy reference for working with our software. Unlike
the IANA list, this list is sorted alphabetically by protocol name. (IANA’s list is sorted
numerically by port number.) It is not meant to take the place of the full list from IANA.
List of Ports and Protocols
ACP (Alarm Clock Protocol)
Port 2667: Alarm Clock Server
Port 2668: Alarm Clock Client
ACP is used for time services among co-operating process. For an description, see Tech
Note #36: Introduction to the Alarm Clock Protocol
DSM-CC (Digital Storage Media Command & Control)
Port 13818: User-Network Configuration
Port 13819: User-Network Session
Port 13820: Pass-Through
Port 13821: Download
Port 13822: Channel-Change (Switched Digital Broadcast, or SDB)
DSM-CC is used among multimedia servers and clients. It is defined by ISO/IEC