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Bionic Buffalo Tech Note #103: Introduction to Pegasus Client Support
The DSM-CC specification is owned by ISO/IEC ( It is an integral part of the
MPEG-2 specification. The full name of the DSM-CC part is:
Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio
information - Part 6: Extensions for Digital Storage Media Command and Control
The reference number is ISO/IEC 13818-6. ISO/IEC specifications aren't free: they are available for
purchase from national standards organizations and private publishers. (If you are in the U.S., you
might try Global Engineering Documents,
Time-Warner owns the Pegasus specifications. They are available on their web site, at http:
. The two client protocols and the server
architecture are described in these documents:
Session Setup Protocol, Version 2.1, 2000.11.03 (file name SSP21.pdf)
Lightweight Stream Control Protocol, Version 1.0, 1999.06.10 (file name LSC10.pdf)
Pegasus Interactive Services Architecture, Version 1.3, 2001.07.20 (file name
For other DSM-CC documentation, see the Bionic Buffalo web site, at http:
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