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Tech Note #110: Concept for a Secure Network Computer
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         Tuesday, 11 January 2000
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Bibliography & Credits
This document presents ideas taken from many sources. It main contribution is to bring them
together in a more complete form than the authors have heretofore seen.
The terminology and underlying architecture are based on those presented in Security
Architecture fore the AITS Reference Architecture
, Revision 1.0, 22 December 1997, by the
DARPA Information Assurance Focus Group.
A good, general introduction to network security (including a discussion of IPsec and key
exchange) is Internet and Intranet Security, by Rolf Oppliger, published by Artech House Inc
in 1998. (ISBN 0-89006-829-1) The book IPSec, by Naganand Doraswamy and Dan Harkins,
published by Prentice Hall PTR in 1999 (ISBN 0-13-011898-2) discusses IPsec and IKE
Physical security standards are outlined in Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules,
FIPS 140
, published by the United States Department of Commerce. FIPS 140-1 was
published in 1994, and its successor, FIPS 140-2 will probably be published sometime in 2000.
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