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Bionic Buffalo Tech Note #116: Supporting Pegasus/ISA Services in MHP and OCAP Environments
on the Java file system, and accessed using conventional i/o methods. In addition, applications may
create other object types if desired, and these can be integrated seamlessly into the programming
environment. On the server side, Bionic Buffalo also provides tools to create file, stream, directory or
application objects in opaque byte sequence format. These byte sequences subsequently can be inserted
into the BFS, and will be recognized as objects by MHP/OCAP applications. 
Video-On-Demand Play Control 
In MHP/OCAP, some services are objects which represent video-on-demand, audio-on-demand or
stored-program content streams. 
MHP/OCAP applications use the
 interface to control playback. The
 object isn't the stream itself, but rather the abstraction of the device which plays the stream.
An intermediary object, the 
, is used by the 
 to manage transfer of the stream.
In an MHP/OCAP environment, the 
 object supports the DSM-CC User-User protocol
to control interactive stream (
) objects. 
Palestine (hence Bhutan) also provides an alternative 
 implementation to control
Pegasus VOD streams using the Lightweight Stream Control Protocol (LSCP). The alternative,
Pegasus-compatible DataSource is employed automatically when LSCP is required. The semantics of
LSCP are very similar to those used by DSM-CC U-U, although the syntax is incompatible. This way,
an interactive Pegasus stream is practically indistinguishable from a DSM-CC stream to a compliant
MHP/OCAP application.
Legacy APIs Remain Available
Bionic Buffalo allows the implementor to configure a STB to include the legacy APIs which more
directly control the Pegasus protocols. These may be used when the mapping and translation
techniques described above are inadequate for special applications. 
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