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Issue E.26 — Thursday, 2018.07.12

Right-to-Life Hypocrisy

It’s easy to understand why someone might be opposed to abortions; it’s a lot less easy to understand why most of those opposed, take their own positions. Some base their opposition on religious beliefs. Others oppose abortion on humanistic moral grounds. Others consider their opposition to derive from some practice of non-violence. Most of them are hypocrites.

If someone really were to oppose abortion on the grounds that it might be murder or killing, proscribed by God, then why are other forms of killing children and adults acceptable to, and even promoted by, so many of these opponents? The strongest, most strident, most vociferous opponents – those who want to outlaw, restrict, control, or eliminate abortion – are most commonly the same ones who promote and encourage the other ways to kill both unborn and born children.

When someone opposes intentional abortion, but won’t lift a finger to lower the level of toxins in food, pollutants in the outside environment, unsafe workplace chemicals, and over-prescribed and over-used medications – all of which increase the risk of miscarriages, birth defects, diseases, and lowered life expectancy – then he or she simply doesn’t care about the abortion, the fœtus, or the child. Anything which substantially increases the risk of miscarriages, including these listed factors, is just another way to cause an abortion. To make matters worse, these things have bad side effects, not only on the fœtus, but also on the general population, including the mother.

When someone opposes intentional abortion, but won’t do a thing to mitigate or eliminate the societal stresses which increase the risk of miscarriages, then he or she simply doesn’t care about the abortion, the fœtus, or the child.

When someone opposes intentional abortion, but, except by lip service, takes no action to reduce the killing of pregnant women, by war, “anti-terrorism” efforts, or other means, then he or she simply doesn’t care about the abortion, the fœtus, or the child.

When someone opposes intentional abortion, while also opposes actions which encourage mothers (and fathers and others) to think that life might be better for the child-to-be, then he simply doesn’t care about the abortion, the fœtus, or the child. Better medical care for mothers and children, better public health, better social structures, better education, and lower crime – all of these things reduce the level of abortions. Anything which keeps families, extended or nuclear, together, reduces the level of abortions: more flexible work hours and conditions, better pay so that mothers and fathers can spend more time at home with children, and other such measures. They all work more effectively than legal coercion.

When someone opposes intentional abortion, while not fighting the destruction of family ties, while approving of the separation of families at the borders or across them, while assenting to the separation of parents from children by contrived and manipulated economic conditions, by society in general devastated by ersatz social media friendships as a substitute for real, human, face-to-face relationships, then he or she simply doesn’t care about the abortion, the fœtus, or the child.

What sane person wants to bring a child into a world doomed by the threat of war, nuclear catastrophe, massive social disruption, poisoned food and water, thirst, famine, death and destruction by climate change, extreme poverty, and no life worth looking forward to? Look around and listen, pay attention to those working against abortion rights: there is a non-perfect but high and significant correlation to those who don’t see these matters as problems. They don’t really care about the life of the fœtus, certainly not about any life they, themselves, would not want to lead. They only want the baby in order to save it for a bad end. The child will be killed later, but only after it has suffered in the process of helping the bottom line. (Do you remember those death camp doctors, who provided medical and dental care to the inmates in order to save them for experiments, or that the management might get a little more work out of them before they were sent to the gas chambers?)

The number of miscarriages (“spontaneous abortions”) far exceeds the number of intentional abortions. Thus, God may be considered to be the greatest abortionist of all. Not all of the causes are known, in general or in specific cases. Regardless, the impact of the above mentioned factors on the miscarriage rate isn’t trivial, these aren’t merely some obscure scientific observations without an impact beyond the pages of research journals.

Yes, there are also a very few of those non-hypocritical folks who care about abortion and also about toxins in food, the environment, pollution, global warming, war, and the health of society as a whole. Such people not only speak against death and disease and greed and corruption, but also take action. Such people act and speak for all of life, or, as Jesus said, for “life in abundance”; they do not save a life with the right hand only to take another life with the left hand.

What do you say to those who do not actively oppose war, social dysfunction, capitalism, greed, pollution, global heat death, and other evils? What do you say to a repairman who comes to your door to fix your plumbing, but actually has an ulterior motive contrary to your interests? What do you say to a physician who wants you to trust him or her to cure some illness or to bandage some injury, when you know that he or she has some other purpose, which is against you? What do you say to a politician who wants an office in return for a promise, but who in fact has something else in mind?

This is what to do: You close your door to the disingenuous repairman, you deny your support for the dishonest politician, and you find another, more honest, healer.

By their fruits you will know them, and they yield the bitter harvests of death and greed and poverty, no matter how well perfumed. Children are taught not to take candy from strangers. Why do adults persist in taking “gifts” from known killers?

Do not let evil ones – those with death, greed, power, dishonesty, and sickness in their hearts – represent you! With them as leaders, you go where they lead, and you will follow them into Hell.

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