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U.S. vs. Democracy: a subseries of the Buffalo Bull

These issues show that the United States is not a democracy, and explain how the United States opposes democracy, not only at home but also in other countries.

Popular culture has misled people to believe that “democracy” consists of voting to elect leaders. This is false. In fact, democracy exists only where the people have control, not only of officials (elected and otherwise), but also of policy, planning, lawmaking, war, defense, policing, and the courts. In a democracy, the people can make laws directly, decide what those laws mean and how to apply them, and override or bypass any elected official or judge. For thousands of years, there have been many societies much more democratic than the United States. In fact, the U.S. was, in its early years, much more democratic than it is today, notwithstanding the extension of suffrage to many more of the people: while increasing numbers were given the vote, the vote was being devalued.

It is important to have a proper and fair electoral system. However, to ignore the other parts of the government, even if elections were to be fair, is to ignore essential parts of democracy. It's not only about elections and voting.

This subseries starts by explaining essential democratic institution which have been taken away from the people since the founding of the Republic. Then it continues to show how, even if those institutions were to be restored, there would still remain more to be done if we in the U.S. were to have a democracy.

This subseries is not complete: new issues will be added.

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