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Miscellaneous Documents Concerning UML

UML Reference

This is a reference guide, a cheat-sheet, to help remember the most common UML diagramming notations. It's not an introduction to UML, it's just to clarify basic usage when I (or you) have to do a drawing, but it has been a long time since the previous one, and the rules aren't coming to mind very quickly... Anyway, it's in PDF form. It's tentative, I cleaned up some notes I made for myself a few years back. It still needs some symbols for interaction diagrams, and a good list of common stereotypes would come in handy. Until then, here's the current version.

UML Drawing Symbols (Template) for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

After wasting a lot of time re-creating various UML symbols for projects using OpenOffice and LibreOffice Draw, I just created a drawing with a lot of pre-made symbols or templates on it. It's a little quicker to copy and paste the symbols from this than it is to make them up each time from scratch. Besides that, it gives my diagrams a little consistency they didn't always have before.

Note that this isn't a "template" in the open document sense. It's just some symbols on a drawing which can be copied and pasted into a new drawing.

I hope it will be useful to others. It's under a Creative Commons license. Let me know what needs to be added, and I'll try and update it with additional symbols. (Yes, I like colorful drawings. They look nicer, they're easy to read, and sometimes it relieves the boredom.)

The .odg file, and a pdf rendering if you just want to see what it looks like without opening the drawing itself. (A lot of browsers can't handle .odg files, so you might want to save it first; right click and try "Save Link As..." or some such. Also, the .pdf is about half a megabyte.)

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