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Austin Roping Club

This follows from the saga of the Gallegos TPO.

The Gallegoses and Williams had reasons, though not righteous, to resist our attempts to reform the Roping Club. The entire corral leasing operation was a fraud perpetrated on the people of Lander County by Ray “Bubbie” Williams, Jr., the Gallegoses, and Williams' son, Ray “Raymie” Williams. The Roping Club, it turns out, wasn't the 501(c)(3) organization it made itself out to be. The IRS confirmed that (they have a toll-free number and a web site to check such things out), Bubbie Williams, as treasurer, had to know this. Not only were we getting in the way of their private feeding at the Lander County trough, we were getting too close to the fraudulent contract with Lander County.

Bubbie wasn't the only Commissioner playing along. We addressed the Commissioners at a meeting, letting them know that the Roping Club wasn't a qualified public benefit corporation, and even let them know about the IRS resources to confirm our claims. They voted to renew the contract anyway. So much for integrity, but we've learned over time that beneath the surface, Lander County isn't always such a nice place, at least if you're not one of the insiders.

Of course, Judge Wagner was on the inside. He systematically ignored the arguments in the briefs, to keep the issues from ever being tried. (See the above mentioned TPO case to see more of the kind of judge he was before he retired.) You can read the documents yourself to see what happened.

For the complete record (including opposing documents and exhibits) in Marking v. Austin Roping Club, go here.

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