Marking and Fleming v. Gallegos, CV 10597 and 10598

Eleventh Judicial District Court, State of Nevada

Appellants' Opening Brief

Appellants' Opening Brief, 2015.11.23


Part A (Cases being appealed: Gallegos v. Marking and Fleming, Austin Justice Court 09 TPO 002/003)

A.2009.08.25.A: Motion to Dissolve Temporary Order (with exhibits)

A.2009.08.25.B: hearing exhibit: statement by Rhonda Williams, 2009.08.25

A.2009.09.03: Motion to Amend Judgment and to Shorten Time, 2009.09.03
        Exhibit C.1 - statement by Rhonda Williams, 2009.08.25
        Exhibit C.2 - Statement and Discussion by Nancy Fleming, 2009.09.03

A.2015.03.25: Motion to Vacate Judgment Under Rule 60(b)

A.2015.08.27: Order and Opinion

Part B (Gallegos and Gallegos v. Marking and Fleming ("the debt case"), Austin Justice Court 10 CV 002)

B.2010.06.01: Motion to Change Trial

B.2010.10.25: Motion to Disqualify Master

B.2013.01.23: Motion to Dismiss or to Transfer

B.2013.02.24: Motion to Disqualify Attorney

B.2013.03.18: Response to Motion to Disqualify Attorney

B.2013.06.07: Reply in Support of Motion to Disqualify Attorney

B.2014.05.27: Motion for Adherence to Rules of Law and Procedure

B.2015.09.09: Notice Regarding Settlement

Part C (Marking and Marking v. Gallegos, (new case to allow 09 TPO 002/003 to be appealed), Sixth Judicial District Court CV 09-9953)

C.2009.09.14.A: Motion to Docket Appeal

C.2009.09.14.B: Petition for Writ of Mandamus

C.2009.10.16: Order

C.2009.12.07: Order

Part D (Marking and Fleming v. Gallegos, appealing the decision in CV 09-9953 (described in Part C), Nevada Supreme Court 56064)

D.2010.06.29: Appellants' Opening Brief

D.2011.02.28: Order Denying Motion to Supplement Opening Brief

D.2011.09.15: Order of Affirmance

Part E (Marking and Fleming v. Sixth Judicial District Court, to compel filing of appeal from CV 09-9953 (described in Part C), Nevada Supreme Court 55539)

E.2010.02.16: Petition for Writ of Mandamus

E.2010.03.10: Order Denying Petition for Writ of Mandamus