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Here are some of the cases in which I have been personally involved.

(The following are placeholders for now; the description and portions of the files will follow.)

  • Bionic Buffalo v. Integrated Systems — Based on a claim for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets filed by Bionic Buffalo against Integrated Systems. A tale of corrupt arbitrators, incompetent attorneys, a lazy judge, and an entrenched union.
  • Gallegos v. Marking — Based on an application for a temporary protective order (TPO), with no justification specified except for fear that something bad might happen.
  • Marking v. Austin Roping Club — Based on a complaint of breach of contract, violation of law, and tort. (⇒ Case documents)

Notes to those without some law experience:

  • When a case is initiated, the plaintiff's name is listed first, and the defendant's name is listed second. For example, in the trial court, the name Gallegos v. Marking indicates that Gallegos was the plaintiff. On appeal, however, the name might be rearranged, depending on who brought the appeal. Thus, when Marking appeals the trial court's decision in Gallegos v. Marking, the case becomes Marking v. Gallegos in the appellate court. If there is more than one level of appeal, then the caption might be reversed again.)
  • Both “v” and “vs” are used as abbreviations for versus, which separates the names of the parties from the names of the parties on the other side. Versus is Latin for “towards”; this might seem counterintuitive, but think of two fighters facing off: they turn towards each other.
  • When there are multiple plaintiffs or multiple defendants, the name of the case is often abbreviated to the name of the first plaintiff and the name of the first defendant. Thus, Gallegos and Gallegos v. Marking and Fleming becomes, simply, Gallegos v. Marking.

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