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     In my younger days, my politics were different. They were what some might say was “more normal”. I was at times a registered Democrat, or Republican, or Libertarian. I sometimes went to party meetings, was on a precinct committee or two, and was a voter registrar. I campaigned for Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. (Figure that one out.) Things changed. Eventually I lost interest as I realized that none of it was going to make a significant difference: the system was rigged. It is constructed so that the rich get richer, the powerful remain in power, and the two main parties party together. As Huey Long explained, “They've got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen”. Yes, a lot of things didn't make sense, but — without a consistent framework for analysis — I didn't have any way to make sense of it. So the contradictions ended up in my Field of Unexplained Things.

     Of course, Huey Long ended up assassinated, along with John Kennedy and a growing list of others. Their stories created more contradictions. I just filed them away with the rest, in the Field of Unexplained Things.

     I'm not sure why, but when Robert McNamara stepped down as Secretary of Defense in 1968, I noticed that he went on to be president of the World Bank. At the time, it seemed an odd career path, but I've had some jobs seemingly unrelated to one another, so it didn't surprise me too much. But, again, I filed that fact away. One more unexplained thing.

     Somebody unloaded truckloads onto the Field of Unexplained Things on 11 September 2001. For starters, there's no way those two planes took down three buildings, or that other plane squeezed into that tiny hole in the Pentagon, sucking its engines in with it. No way. Jet fuel is really just diesel fuel. Have you ever gone to a hardware store and tried to buy a torch that burned cheap diesel, to be used for cutting metal? I have, they don't sell such things. The damn stuff doesn't get hot enough, even if you feed it oxygen. Don't even try to buy a force field generator to make big aircraft shrink up so they fit into tiny holes, they'll just laugh at you. So that Field of Unexplained Things was getting pretty full, and more and more I had to step over the debris on my way to somewhere else. The “official” story wasn't credible, but I had no other one to replace it. Things remained unexplained.

     Then, in 2005, Paul Wolfowitz became president of the World Bank. Alarms went off in my mind, because Wolfowitz had been Undersecretary of Defense (1989 to 1993) and Deputy Secretary of Defense (2001 to 2005). The coincidence was too improbable to ignore, so I started digging, and learned that the second World Bank president, from 1947 to 1948, John McCloy, had been Assistant Secretary of War from 1941 to 1945.

     A little more research told me that Wolfowitz helped create the Project for A New American Century, the organization which, in 1997, released the document Rebuilding America's Defenses, which warned that “[...] the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”. Of course, 11 September 2001 was the new Pearl Harbor.

     So what are the odds? We have two future World Bank presidents, each playing a significant role in the Defense Department during a Pearl Harbor event. If you include the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was the U.S. excuse to expand the war in Vietnam, that's three future World Bank presidents helping to steer the U.S. into major wars. (In case you haven't studied history, there is an extensive body of evidence that both Pearl Harbor events were shepherded into existence by people within the United States government. It's also widely acknowledged now that the Gulf of Tonkin event was a fraud.) Then, Wolfowitz was also at Defense during the First Gulf War, the leadup to the Second Gulf War we started after 11 September 2001. Alarms weren't the only thing going off in my mind. Now I had flashing lights and sirens, too. I looked over to the Field of Unexplained Things, and crews were carting things away, while other crews were bringing in new things.

     The more I looked, the more connections I found, improbable in the absence of a story. So I began to construct a story which accounted for Unexplained Things without contradicting other things which had evidentiary support. There still is a lot of stuff on the Field of Unexplained Things, but a lot has been hauled away too. I suppose that is progress, because those new things are new: I didn't have to introduce new contradictions, I had only to take notice of existing contradictions of which I wasn't previously aware.

     It's probably fair to say that my politics isn't normal any longer.

     I haven't explained yet the conclusions I have reached, that's quite involved. Well, the findings and conclusions aren't so involved, but the background is. We don't even seem to have words for some of these things. As a teaser, though, part of it involves connections between banking and war. But you probably already guessed that. I've had to go back thousands of years in history, and learn from some new fields, such as epigenetics, psychology, anthropology, and sports medicine. (I'm only kidding about the sports medicine.) I've learned a lot on this journey.

     I've stuck to a few basic principles:

  • Account for as many facts as possible.

  • Prefer the simplest explanation that explains, or at least does not contradict, the facts.

  • Validate with statistics. (That is, look for likely and probable things, reject improbable things.)

     I don't disbelieve conspiracy theories out of hand. A lot of them have turned out to be true. A lot of them. However, I don't think we need to rely on them to explain most things. Sometimes, but not always, people can keep secrets. There are plenty of mysteries in history, which we'd have solved if certain people hadn't kept information and actions secret. And thousands of people who worked on the atomic bomb project were able to keep it to themselves. Then we had to go and use the damn thing, which kind of let the cat out of the bag. As if someone wouldn't notice.

     So, if a conspiracy or secret isn't needed, I prefer not to use it in explanations. On the other hand, a lot of people are greedy, sadistic, stupid, or whatever. I have no problem assuming the possibility of greed, of lack of conscience, of twisted ethics. Just because someone wears a designer suit and acts politely, I don't disallow that he can do horrible things. We give too much credit to people who look and act refined and sophisticated. There are plenty of scientific, controlled, rational studies which show that we greatly overestimate how well we know both ourselves and others. So I'll avoid the secrets and the conspiracies when I can, in trying to explain things, but I don't think it at all improbable that a person would kill, torture, lie, or do just about anything else for a few billion dollars. Yes, crime pays, especially when (as is easy to show) the perpetrator can likely get away with it. And criminals without ethics or conscience or morals, breed other criminals, biologically and otherwise.

     Of course, I wasn't the first to see all of these connections. There are shelves of books which put together the pieces, and which have made a lot more connections than have I. It looks different, though, when you've figured it out yourself, instead of learning someone else's lessons.

     If you go into a bookstore and ask where to find books on some topics, the clerks may or may not know know where in the store they're located, or they may have to ask someone else or check their terminals to direct you to the right shelf or aisle. But if you go into a bookstore and ask about books on “conspiracy theories”, the clerks almost always know. It's a popular category. (By the way, the term “conspiracy theory” was popularized by the CIA around 1973 as part of a program to discredit those who sought alternative explanations for things. There are now declassified documents explaining this. But then, who knows, maybe it wasn't the CIA, maybe it was someone else, and blaming it on the CIA is part of yet another conspiracy.) Everything in the world, it seems, can be explained by resort to conspiracies, space aliens, Nazis, and a few other mechanisms. The truths are in there, probably, but the trick is figuring out which book to believe. The only way to solve that problem is to do your own research. Of course, I believe that many of the writers who have contradictory theories are sincere, intelligent people. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe they're right, but I'm certain that what you're taught in school and by the news and the politicians and the commercial culture is filled with falsehoods.

     (I use the term “commercial culture” to refer to the culture created deliberately for profit. In days or yore, before commercial culture, the people themselves told the stories, made the music, designed the clothing, and so on. Of course, they had help from travelling bards and minstrels, from craftsmen and craftswomen and others, all of whom were compensated for their work. But nowadays, most culture is created, not from the heart and soul of the people, but by networks and studios and media conglomerates. If you think this doesn't make a difference, compare, for example, the old legends, fairy tales, myths, and stories we used to tell and re-tell, to the ones created by commercial culture factories. The differences are enormous. I'll explore that more later, but think about that: there is no longer much authentic culture of the people. We are so out of touch with ourselves, we can't even provide our own entertainment. This has significant political implications.)

     So now you have the introduction to how I came to change my politics after 2005, when Wolfowitz became the head of the World Bank. I'll put some of my findings here eventually. Well, I plan to anyway. Maybe the UFOs will land first and the space aliens will reveal to us something very different. Or maybe it will be the government disinformation campaign which fakes UFOs as a way of mind control. Who knows?

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