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Security Considerations for sugar

sugar itself presents few special security considerations. Indeed, if you are sharing an internet consideration with customers, clients, or guests, sugar has features to improve your network's and computers' security. For example, with sugar you can distribute passwords which will automatically expire after a specified amount of time or bandwidth, and users with the same password can be forced to share their slice of the total bandwidth; this prevents users from sharing passwords, except to their own detriment.

The main security problem is with wireless networks, and is due to weaknesses in the network protocols, not to weaknesses in sugar. Basically, if the wireless security can be broken, then it is possible for one user to steal bandwidth from another user.

For example, there are a number of wireless security protocols in common use. The two most common are WEP (Wired Equivalent Policy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). The older WEP protocol is much less secure than the newer WPA protocol. Unfortunately, some older equipment doesn't support WPA. Therefore, if you have users with older equipment, you may to choose between security and convenience. (If you opt for WPA, then some of your users will be unable to connect to your wireless system.) Even WPA has problems, however. The history of wireless security has not yet stabilized, as new exploits are continuing to be discovered.

These issues do not mean that it is hopeless to operate a wireless network. In fact, most wireless networks never security problems except for password sharing. We mention this to remind you that it is a consideration you must evaluate for your own situation. Again, sugar won't make security worse, and it might improve it.

We observe that even wired networks may experience security problems from attached wireless computers. For example, it is possible to break into a laptop through a misconfigured wireless port, even though the laptop is being used on a wired network. Such an exploit against a laptop may allow the attacker to continue further into the wired network, with the laptop acting as the attack point.

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