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sysjinn coding automation tools

Summary Description

sysjinn is a suite of tools to automate routine and tedious coding tasks. It is expected to run on *nix and Windows platforms, and to generate source code for multiple target platforms: *nix, Windows, Android, and IOS. It is expected to support a variety of windowing and GUI APIs.

The initial version will generate code for data entry and display, for record verification, and for marshalling and unmarshalling data into byte sequences which are platform-independent and can be used for data communication links among different architectures.

The goal is to support cross-platform software development without the burden of a special, portable infrastructure. Each target environment will be supported using APIs and languages commonly used for that platform.

Each target environment will use its own GUI for data entry and display. For instance, once a record or structure is defined, sysjinn will generate code in Java for Android, for Windows in C using native APIs, for *nix using a variety of windowing and GUI systems, and for a web server supporting client browsers using AJAX.

This is an alternative to approaches such as Java (which provides portability but with a cost) or Tcl/Tk which aims to provide a common API across platforms. Both of thost (Java and Tcl/Tk) are great solutions, but they don't always fit with what is already being done. If you're already working on a platform using a certain language and API, you probably don't want to change much, and each platform supports different mechanisms in preference to others.

Individual coders are the intended users, but I'm working out ways to support teams working on common projects.

There have been products similar to this before, but they've suffered from several deficiencies: high cost, the need for a special run-time environment, and poor coverage of both development and target platforms. The goal of this project is to develop a system for a very low cost, which will generate code unencumbered by per-copy licensing costs. In other words, I don't care how many copies of the generated code you run: if you want to sell the output, go ahead, or use it at work, that's OK, too.

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